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Syrah Yusuf

Syrah Yusuf

Syrah Yusuf


Hons. B.Sc., J.D. (ON), J.D. (MI)
T: 905-471-6161 x2

Syrah Yusuf is a founding Partner at Erudite Law LLP.

In her business practice, Syrah works with entrepreneurs and small business owners, providing legal counsel on issues ranging from:

  • Opening a business – choosing and establishing the correct structure;
  • Buying or selling a business;
  • Bespoke and standard form contracts (such as employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements, etc.) to suit their unique individual needs; and
  • Partnership Agreements, Shareholders Agreements and Joint Venture agreements to protect their ongoing business partnership.

In her estate planning and administration practice, Syrah works with individuals to:

  • Establish a comprehensive estate plan in consideration of each client’s unique family needs;
  • Preparing Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee (with/without a Will) applications; and
  • Liaising with banks and other service providers to wind up an individual’s affairs after their death.

Syrah also practices in the areas of real estate law, Landlord and Tenant Board matters, and civil litigation (Superior Court and Small Claims Court)

Outside of her practice, Syrah is on the Board of Directors of a charity focused on eldercare and is currently working on establishing a new charity serving families and youth in the Ontario foster care system.

In her spare time, Syrah loves a good book and spending time with her family.


University of Windsor, J.D., 2016
University of Detroit Mercy, J.D., 2016
University of Toronto, Hon. B.Sc., 2013 (Psychology, Mathematics, French)


Ontario Bar Association (OBA), Toronto Lawyers Association, Canadian Muslim Lawyers Association

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