Tax Lawyers in Markham

Starting a new business? Dealing with a CRA audit or tax issues? Tax planning and management can be a large headache for any type of organization. Erudite Law LLP can help alleviate the stress of tax legal issues. We have experienced and affordable tax lawyers in Markham that will counsel you on understanding the issue at hand, address disputes and tax controversy with the appropriate contacts and help with tax amnesty applications.

We have experience providing legal counsel in defence of criminal charges that may arise from tax issues. We represent clients in the Tax Court of Canada, federal and provincial courts.

Tax Law Services include:

  • Tax planning for trusts and their beneficiaries
  • Education on tax legislative and regulatory matters
  • Tax planning and reorganizations
  • Tax problems and issues involving the Canada Revenue Agency and provincial tax authorities
  • Tax litigation in the Tax Court of Canada, federal and provincial courts
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency tax issues including proposals and restructuring
  • Tax evasion and money laundering investigations and prosecutions

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